Monday, June 16, 2008

'dwink' review

Let me tell you a little story.
Two mummies and 4 kiddies (under the age of 4) stopped at the kiosk, before starting their great adventure of seeing all the amazing animals at their local zoo.
The mummies thought they'd treat themselves to a hot drink each (shock horror!).
One of the mummies had thought ahead and brought soy milk drinks from home, for all the good little kiddies! These were the ones with straws you stick into the top (like a juice box).
Happily handing them out - each child deserved to have one each, you see.....
Can you guess what 'fabulously un-stressful' things happened in the next 10 minutes?
Chocolate soy milk squirting everywhere..... on clean clothes, eyes, rental pusher, hair, shiny shoes.... children uncontrollably sobbing, unable to understand why they can't control their drink boxes! Am I being punished? (this thought went through all 6 heads)
Basically, drinks were wasted, children were calmed but sticky and wet, mummies had to resort to 'Rescue Remedy' to compose themselves..... and they were able to enjoy their day 'out'.
The End.

Enter "dwink" - the fabulous juice and milk box holder! Yay!!!!!!

We got them in store recently and have been testing them out here at home, in the car, at friend's places.... the girls love them! AND no spills, no squeezing, no spurting out drink everywhere!
Tested on a 3.5yr old and 19mth-er. Both were able to drink in peace and have their own colour too. (So no fights and we were able to remember whose was whose!)
We will be using them on all outings.... if I can remember to pack them in the bag of 'stuff for the girls'.....

If only those 2 mummies had some dwink holders that day..... well, they probably would have see ALL the animals at the zoo. (and been able to drink hot drinks instead!)

Fits all drink boxes and has non-slip grips on base and handles.
Comes in 4 cool colours and are easy to clean.
$9.95 each

Happy to answer any questions about 'dwink' holders (no matter how old this post is).
Leave your 'dwink' experiences for others to read here too! (or lack of......)

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my poppet said...

Hi Monica, welcome to the land of blogging. I have referred a few of my ex-market customers onto you since you have quite a good range of Cinti does Vintage in stock.
Thanks for the plug, cheers Cintia