Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yunginz shoes Winter 09 size chart

Please print out this sizing chart for shoes and boots from our Winter 2009 range.

Final Day of SALE today!

Just a heads up that it is indeed the LAST day today of the SOMETHING to WEAR sale.
If you've been procrastinating.... now is the time to grab some Winter or Summer threads before the prices go back to normal retail. Quick- click here!!

I've also introduced $5 flat rate postage to anywhere in Australia!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eye Spy... a discovery!

As you probably already know, Mr bpab and myself have been doing a 30 day detox. We are in the middle of week 2 and things are looking pretty good!
We've discovered that when you are restricted to certain foods, you can really taste the sweetness or spice of foods. It's like we have a clean palette, as we have not been eating anything refined or artificially enhanced in any way. (Discovery #1!)

(Discovery #2) How to cook with new grains (some I knew about already, but never had cause to use). And they are very yummy! Here are some of them below:

Clock wise from top left: Buckwheat, Bourghal, Barley, Soy Grits, Millet.
In the middle is Wholewheat Vegetable Alphabets (for soup!!)

(Discovery #3) Sea Vegetables! Well I did know about them and have had them time to time, but never have I cooked with them. We have 4 types in our pantry now! Here they are below:

Top: Kombu (dark sea kelp raked from the ocean floor)
Middle: Arame (A wide leaf kelp sliced into strands)
Bottom: Wakame (grows in temperate waters, raked from the ocean floor)
*Not pictured: Nori (flat sheets usually rolled to form casing for sushi)

In this last discovery, (sea vegetables) the 'book' told us to steam them. Works fine for nori as it's so thin..... but the others were tough as old boots! So we boiled them in water and they tenderised and were thus delicious (esp. with a (homemade) black bean sauce! Shhhh! Don't tell the detox book!

So that's pretty much my discovery x3 this week!
Thanks to Megan from The Byron Life for this weeks theme. Mmmmm Byron Bay.....
To play click on the Eye Spy picture on the left. It's fun!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pre-order your Yunginz Winter shoes now!

shoe names L to R: Checka Canvas, Tartan Trim (black or brown), Ankle Boot, Pink Flower Boot, Jungle Boot, Red Pocket Boot, Brown Butterfly Boot, Lace T-bar (Ivory or Pink), Classic Twist (in Ivory only), Camo Canvas (brown or pink).

You may have seen the ad in Shop 4 Kids mag. this last issue (Autumn/Winter).
We are stocking the collection and they will be arriving next week (if all goes well!!).
Soooooo, we've only ordered 1 of each size , please reserve your favourite pair/s now so you're not disappointed if someone else nabs them before you get a chance to look again!

The collection is laid out at the bottom of the picture for you with names and the size chart is here below: (print it out)

If you have any questions for me about them, please leave a comment here or personally email me. To reserve your new shoes or boots, shoot me at email with contact details, shoe description and size needed. As soon as they come in, I'll contact you!
Yippee! New Shoes, new shoes!!

Earth hour tonight! How will you be spending it?

Yep, it's snuck up on me and now it is here!
Turning off lights is not hard to do. I mean if you live in an environmentally aware household, you'd be used to turning off lights when you leave a room. So this will be no big deal. If you are a bit scared perhaps invest in some night vision goggles! Wouldn't that be fun!
Actually I think most people are heading out into the night or lighting candles around the place and pretending to engage in romantic conversations.....

Having said that - I've no idea what we will be doing this year.
Got any ideas?
Would love to hear what you are up to tonight when you turn off the lights at 8.30pm for 1 hour. (Unless you're planning something naughty or illegal! hahaha)

Have a fun Sat. night now!

P.S. Make your effort count by clicking the Earth Hour pic on the left here and registering your participation. We have!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Week 2 of the 30 day DETOX!

I've been meaning to write about our lovely month long detox all week!
Mr bpab and I are cleansing ourselves.... my mum was doing it and I loved the idea of having a book tell me what to eat, drink etc in an attempt to get me feeling and looking great! (She lasted 2 weeks on it as dad wanted to go out for dinner one night and that was it. On ya dad!) Anyway, so I stole the book off mum and here we are.... 1 week gone already!
We have been eating 3 meals a day and drinking water in between. The meals are vegetarian and focus on whole grains, tofu, steaming vegetables, salads, yogurt, spa dressings, fruit, herbal teas. All the meals so far have been sooo yummy and I haven't even been tempted to sneak a chocolate or biscuit!
We have not eaten anything processed (you make tomato sauce/ketchup), the only sweetener we've had is honey and fruit of course. No alcohol, chocolate (I thought I would die!) or coffee and no eggs or bread.
I've had some mild headaches now and again. I though it may be because of lack of sleep earlier on in the week. I was reminded that we've taken all sugar out of our diet, so I guess I have purged a bit!
If I feel a bit peckish between meals I drink water (because that's all we can have!) and magically I forget that I was wanting something to eat! So when 'they' tell you to drink some water first if you want something to eat, well you probably should. ('They' also go on to say that if you still feel hungry after the water, then you probably are hungry.)

Anyway, that's the low down. The 1st week was about preparing our body for detox and getting into eating a bit differently.
This 2nd week starts with more juices and liquid meals, as well as some grains etc.
See how we go....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Do or Not To Do ..... so many lists, it's hard to choose!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Eye Spy.... Something beautiful in my backyard

This is our veggie garden which we love. Mr bpab made the plots last year. We have heirloom lettuces growing in them at the moment (very tasty!). Artichokes are in the back corner there.

This is the curvy path leading from the house through the back yard, up to the very back. Any child that comes over to play has a ball running down the path (as it's down hill to the house) or rolling balls down it.

Up the very back is the paved platform where we hang out at times under the passion fruit vine and enjoy. The chiminea gets fired up mainly during Winter and we've cooked damper and roasted veggies in it.
I love all our back yard really! I love how we have an abundance of edible plants to use and our own little natural paradise in the middle of suburbia.

Wanna play too? Go on!
Look on the left side bar for the Eye Spy badge and it will take you to Cindy's blog. (Which is worth a read too!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eye Spy... my turn! my turn!

I love our back yard! To have a private space where I can wander around, pottering, bask in the sunshine, look out on to when it's raining. The kids can explore and there is a sense of safety and release.
Guess what?? It's my turn to set this weeks theme!
Eye Spy.... something beautiful in my backyard.
Show and tell us what you treasure and admire out your back door. We wanna sticky beak!

Click on the Eye Spy badge on the side bar to find out how to play along.

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's a SALE! woo hoo!!

Yep! We so NEED to clear some clothing and accessories from my tiny little store area.... to make room for new clothing etc etc etc!
Does this ever end??
Lucky for you it doesn't and the cycle continues for ever...

Winter and Summer stuff has been offered up to the Sale Goddess.
Make her happy and snare a bargain.

Sale ends when March does.
Go there now!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eye Spy... my favourite colour

I love lots of colours! But orange is my favorite... it has been for about 6 years now.

Thanks to Amity Ville Boronia for this weeks cool theme.
Play along! It's fun. Visit Bug and Pop for details.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome to new brand: Polka Dot Panda

A local Melbourne mum hand makes all the Polka Dot Panda bags! They are specially designed for us and no one else has the same designs as bpab. Special!!
I really love the rainbow felt bag.... wonder why??
There are some uni-sex styles in the felt range, so little boys can carry their cars, dirt and worms in something too! (You know they love your hand bag... so indulge them... when daddy's not around if it needs to be that way!)

Vintage sweetness in this cat bag

Hand crotchet backpacks in bright colours

Friday, March 6, 2009

Who's watching the watchmen?

My love and I saw The Watchmen today (as part of our wedding anniversary 'let's go on a DATE' week) and we did it in style too! Via Gold Class!! Which was worth doing for this movie, as it was really really long.
We scored free tickets thanks to my Visa habit.....
Having read the comic book ages ago, we both thought it was a must see.
Very well done and great to see on the big screen. (Vino in hand or not)
Oh, and going on a 'date' was pretty special too! (Even if it was in the middle of the day...)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

2nd lot of packs go to Narre Warren

Took a drive out to Narre Warren this afternoon to deliver 12 Rainbow Comfort Packs for 5 families who lost their homes in the fires in that area.
It was great to have a list of children (only their age and gender) to work with!
Thank you to Kathie from the City of Casey's Community Safety Unit, who has been looking after the needs of 15 families. She will be personally giving out the packs to each child.

Did you make any of these bags? They're now going to children in the City of Casey!

So it was only a small lot this time, but it was worth the time and effort of everyone who has contributed to this project. Wonder where our next destination will be?!
Thanks everybody! x

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Eye Spy.... something that makes me happy

Here are two 'things' that make me very happy!
Other things would be:
my beautiful and supportive man
blowing bubbles
walking in the sunshine in the middle of Winter
being creative
lots of colours, like the rainbow!
eating good food (and naughty food)
the smell of lavender or spices
the list could go on and on....... so many things make me happy!

Thanks to Iris and Lily for this weeks eye spy theme.