Saturday, December 27, 2008

We've been appreciated!

It's bpab's first one! Very excited to have been appreciated! And it's laminated too!

Wandong Primary School (Vic) raised over $6,000 on the Auction Night they held in November this year. Well done!
Items were donated for the auction.
The money will be used to purchase items that will be accessed by ALL the students, such as: library tables, a mat for their Art room floor and home reading books. Lucky kids!

beyond pink and blue were happy to support this small community school in their fund raising efforts.
We would be more than delighted to support more school fund raisers, so contact me if you are doing one and we'll help in some way!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eye Spy.... a bit of bling

My first Eye Spy post! Sundays are the wost for me.... so maybe I'll post on Sat. instead. (sneaky)

This is as 'bling' as I get..... my eldest's sneakers!
They are very fun and makes her run really fast.... which is very important when you're playing kiss chase! (or is it?)
Enjoy your sparkly Sunday!

Thanks Hoppo Bumpo for this week's theme.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Almost time to shave!

Well it's been going for a couple of months now and the Shave for Wishes fundraiser is going to come to an end soon. (30th Dec. '08)
That's when the everyday hero page will close it's doors..... and I'm hoping to have reached the $500 mark by then. What do you think?? The total is up to $365 at the moment.

Thanks to some very generous people (some not wanting to be known) and for the great customers of bpab (5% of every sale has been donated too), we are getting there.

Early days saw some conflict of interest.... "I'm not donating, I want Monica to keep her hair!" (and) "Right, where do I donate?? I want it all gone!" I even got my father-in-law joking that he'll have to call in all the money people owe him so there will be none spare to donate (I think he's a bit worried about me being shaved... he just got used to the idea of going out in public with me....).
But whether you like my hair now or can't wait to see what I will look like with a bare head - it's going ahead anyway! I would like to use the excuse that I've reached my target and 'they' made me shave my head, but if it doesn't happen in the next couple of weeks, come the new year and it's out with the old (dreaded, tangled, fluffy, over-grown) and in with the new!

Yeah, it can't last forever and I'm welcoming the change (as i always do!).
So please, please, please if you are secretly reading this and have been thinking of donating for a while - it's time. Don't put it off any more.... just do it! You'll make a sick child's wish come true (and have my eternal gratitude).

Click on the 'Shave for Wishes' banner on the top right of this blog.

Welcome to new brand: Flat Friends

We are loving the new 'flat' softies by Flat Friends!
They are made from 100% Australian wool and come in their own bags with info about each animal too. We have five different animals at the moment: Salt water crocodile (above), Seal pup, Koala (because every Aussie store needs one!), Grey wolf and Sea turtle.
They retail for $49.00 each and are so soft and cuddly.... a perfect companion for every child. (Even the big ones!)

When you adopt a Flat Friend, 10% of net profit goes towards the preservation of wildlife and our environment. So that's two presents in one!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Looking for a chef for our new kitchen!

How cool is this wooden kitchen??
Fresh in store, it's a little cook's absolute dream!
It has everything you need in a kitchen (including a microwave.... which we don't have in our 'real life' one) and has that retro pastel look.

Made by KidKraft (USA), it's painted in non-toxic paint.
Unfortunately it's toooooo big to post, so this one is a pick up from our 'mini shop' deal. (We are based in Melbourne, Vic.)
You need to assemble it yourself, but it comes with instructions so you should be right!
ON SALE UNTIL CHRISTMAS $300. ($350 normally)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Practice drinking water

Set the example for the younger ones, or at least make sure they have their own bottle of water handy. We've got new Sigg bottles in stock.... there's something for everyone.

Poppies For Grace... new stuff!

Just got a top up of Poppies stuff today.... always a pleasure!
Two Willows writing set is back in stock!!! (and it's on sale for Christmas too!)

Little gift tags for topping off the perfect present in Charlie (boyish animals) and Isobel (girlie animals). Only $3.50 each.
Also got recycled plain paper notebooks with brown craft covers. There's a tree design (below) and a flying birds one. A folder to slide little notes into is inside the back cover. Great for drawing, doodling, journal writing, to do lists....... I could fill a whole notebook with ideas! $9.00 each.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Now Wednesdays are more fun!


Actually it's going to be LUCKY DIP day every Wednesday from now on.
Based on how much you spend per order (before postage), you'll get a lucky dip surprise with your parcel. (ie; spend $40, get a $4 lucky dip, spend $120, get a $12 lucky dip)
So the more you spend in one order, the better your dip will be!

Now the middle of the week doesn't seem so bad does it??