Monday, August 31, 2009

Adventure Island - The new generation

Welcome to Adventure Island - The Next Generation.
John Michael Howson and Bruce Rowland have united again to bring Adventure Island - The Next Generation to the children of today. The original one was on TV in the late 60's and re-run in the early 70's and was rather popular. To see a YouTube slide show of the original show, click here. (Not allowed to load this clip here unfortunately.) Maybe you watched it when you were younger?

bpab is stocking the new Adventure Island DVD, which features a mixture of pantomime, song and dance. Adventure Island - The Next Generation has all new stories and music, but still has the same sense of fun and core values of the original show. Only $12.50!

You can also catch live shows around Australia right now.

Check out the official Adventure Island website for shows near you.

Meet the characters from Adventure Island:

Mizzy Lizzy
Hello there! My name is Mizzy Lizzy and I run the Post Office here on Adventure Island! I make sure all of the letters and drawings you send us are all delivered on time! I’m also a fairy so sometimes I use my magic powers to help...

Wazza Clown
Ah! Well, hello, my name is... hmmm... well gosh, I... oh, I’m Wazza Clown! I love my friends and I really love doing nice things for them. Like now, I’m off to... Where was I going again?

Dizzy Daizey
Goodness Gracious Azaleas! I didn’t see you there! I’ve been giving my roses a good winter prune so they’ll be just gorgeous in spring when they sssppppprrrring into life! Oh! Lychees and Bananas! I haven’t even introduced myself- I’m Dizzy Daizey!

Bazza Bear
Hello! I’m Bazza Bear. I can’t talk so I make special signs with my hands. I love going on adventures, listening to Mizzy Lizzy’s stories and playing fun games!

Mizzda Meaner & Ratzza Tat Tat
Grmph! Who are you and what are you doing on Adventure Island?!? Don’t you know that this is my island? I am Mizzda Meaner and this is my faithful furry four-legged friend- Ratzza Tat Tat! And we would both like it if you would be so kind and SCRAM!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yea! 6th lot of RCPacks are out the door!

Sharon, the case manager from Familycare in Yea, picked up 69 Rainbow Comfort Packs on Wednesday this week. She will be giving them out to those who are under her care in the Yea area.

A peek of some of the bags ready to go. I always include a few bags of lollies and balloons for those in charge to distribute out to everyone. These were donated, but I can't put them in each bag for safety/allergy/angry parent issues.... so this is the next best thing!

BUT these tags have been very handy and I HAVE been attaching one to each bag. They are so colourful and makes the pack look extra special! So thanks to whom ever made these. Sadly I've run out - so if anyone is feeling up to fashioning some cool labels for me, I would be very grateful! Leave me a comment letting me know you're on to it. xx

There is still lots of stuff here to fill bags for all ages (and plenty of bags too), so nothing else is needed at this stage. Thank you as always.

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Organic Swirl Hug-a-bubs!

All the same great features as the Original pocket baby carrier, but made from organic cotton!
There are three colours available: Denim blue, Hazelnut, Green tea (my favourite). Each has a swirly pattern printed on the front pocket. $130.50 each. Comes with an instructional DVD.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

RCPacks... off to South Morang

Last Sunday we took a drive out to Eltham and dropped off 15 big brown carry bags full of Rainbow Comfort Packs at the Library there. These packs are going on to South Morang to the Yarra Plenty Regional Library's Outreach program. They are working on replacement book requests and will offer the Rainbow Packs through their work there.

This is what 83 Rainbow Comfort Packs look like.
This time I remembered to take a photo of all the bags before they were placed in the brown paper ones! So I thought we could play a game called "Spot the bag you made!"
Is the bag you made amongst these ones? There are a few that have been waiting very patiently since the beginning.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Shop 4 Kids s/s 09 - finally we're in it!

See this yummy vanilla ice cream with a cherry on top?
It's apparently good to have when you're holidaying in The Hamptons!
Take a look....
I know, it's not a great shot of it, but hey lucky it's not the melting kind!
We have 3 different Lark ice cream rattles to choose from at bpab. The other 2 are Pistachio and Strawberry. All Fair Trade knitted too.

Other products in Shop 4 Kids that we stock....

(1st on the list) Poppies For Grace Charlie Invitation packs.... a great theme for a party!

(Down the bottom left) Memi designs Knitted Cat Rattle - we've got only 1 left!

We already stock lots of Lotus Linen bamboo clothing and bedding, but this little number is part of the new Summer range coming soon to bpab. All about Origami! I love it and am very excited for it's arrival..... stay tuned.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eye Spy.... something red

When I was pregnant with La.....

Chai and I wore red coats with hoods. We loved our red coats! They went everywhere we went...
This is my favourite Chai eating chocolate photo.... we have a lot of them.

Thank you Ellieboo for this week's theme!
Click on the Eye spy link on the left to see what Eye spy is all about.... and why not join in while you're at it! Enjoy your week. x

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sleep Over fun!

As featured in our August newsletter. Sign up here for monthly goodness!

Sleep over ingredients:
1. Papoose - Blue happy flags bunting $36.00 Available in 3 other colour ways.
2. Papoose - Water birds chain $23.00 Also in Fire birds combo.
3. Alphalfabeetroot - Textured fresh letter canvas $30.00 (made to order)
4. Pram Outings - Nessie the giant owl $60.00 Available in 2 other colour ways.
5. Flat Friends - Koala $49.00 (comes in a drawstring back pack) Other animals available too.
6. Teeny me - Lion snooze sac $72.95 Rolls up, ready to carry.
7. Teeny Me - Elephant snooze sac $72.95 Rolls up, ready to carry.
8. Lotus Linens - Coral bubble pyjamas $40.00 Available in 2 other colour ways.
9. Little Soursob - Red dot giselle doll $35.00
10. Papoose - Purple happy flags bunting $36.00 Available in 3 other colour ways.

There's a 'Stars of this month's newsletter' category set up at the shop, where all of these plus the others that are in other colours or characters can be viewed during the month. So you can click on that heading and see everything in this photo and more!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Winter SALE on now!

On 'till end of August or stock runs out!
Clearing Winter clothing and shoes to make way for some lighter wear..... apparently Spring is almost here.
Labels include: Red Chalk, Monstar Kids, Yunginz, Lotus Linens, Pram Outings and more.
Buy bigger for next Winter!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eye Spy... inspiration

I haven't been very well lately and am in the middle of working out why.... doctor yesterday, finally. So have not been blogging as much, just doing what needs to be done. I'm sure everything will be fine.
Anyway, this week's theme is Inspiration.
The painting above is by my brother-in-law, Rob Creedon. It's sitting in our dining room at the moment.... I move it around from time to time. It's fun and makes us all feel happy when we look at it. It's very chunky and the girls have tried to pick off pieces when no one is around to stop them.
This painting is a little bit of inspiration to me..... sitting there, reminding me that you can do anything, in any way you desire - as long as it makes you happy.

I get inspiration from lots of things on a daily basis, one main way is through magazines.
Same story..... a big fat pile or two of glossies, dog eared at interesting pages. I find other's ideas and experiences, or the way they present something in a different light to how I would normally perceive it, very inspiring. It's endless and it blows my mind!

I found the last page of Sept. Real Living very inspiring, as it featured two young lassies that I deeply admire - The girls from Poppies For Grace (which bpab proudly stocks their gorgeous paper goods.). Here's some inspiration for you.....

Thanks as always to Cindy from Bug and Pop for hosting Eye Spy. It's good fun and makes for an interesting Sunday morning task. Will always be playing along as much as I can.... it allows you to get to know me a little bit doesn't it. x