Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yea! 6th lot of RCPacks are out the door!

Sharon, the case manager from Familycare in Yea, picked up 69 Rainbow Comfort Packs on Wednesday this week. She will be giving them out to those who are under her care in the Yea area.

A peek of some of the bags ready to go. I always include a few bags of lollies and balloons for those in charge to distribute out to everyone. These were donated, but I can't put them in each bag for safety/allergy/angry parent issues.... so this is the next best thing!

BUT these tags have been very handy and I HAVE been attaching one to each bag. They are so colourful and makes the pack look extra special! So thanks to whom ever made these. Sadly I've run out - so if anyone is feeling up to fashioning some cool labels for me, I would be very grateful! Leave me a comment letting me know you're on to it. xx

There is still lots of stuff here to fill bags for all ages (and plenty of bags too), so nothing else is needed at this stage. Thank you as always.


sophie said...

Monica, I would love to make some tags, let me know the specifications and I will get on it. I am always looking for crafting to do when I am watching TV.

Cindy said...

Wow great work, I am sure all that hard work is going to bring some smiles. How quick time flies

~~**sKySiE**~~ said...

Monica, Id love to make up some tags... If you could just let me know the details, ill get some made up and sent out asap.