Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to school fun!

Going back to school (or starting for the first time!) can be scary, exciting, boring..... we thought it should be something special and have come up with some fun things to get into the spirit of another year of learning stuff and goofing off with friends. BFF xx

1. 'Piggy goes to rabbit's party' messenger bag by Mee A Bee
2. Space dream snack box by Sigg
3. Robot pencils by Kaper Kidz
4. Skull storm 600ml drink bottle by Sigg
5. 'Give me five!' reward chart by Tiptoe
6. Flower hair ties by Papoose
7. Flip-a-flap game by Red Bunyip
8. Besties puppy markers by Micador
9. Space dream bag & bottle set by Sigg
10. Swap pocket mirrors in Purple by Lark
11. Giant pencil by Kaper Kidz
12. Centipede cm round ruler by Red Bunyip
13. 'Rainbow week' first calendar for school by Tiptoe
14. Flower shoe pouch by Sigg
15. Dog trinket storybook keyrings by Lark

All these products are still on sale until Sunday! Hooray for School and Kinder!

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Chai is now 5

Chai celebrated her 5th birthday on Saturday. I'm amazed at how the time has passed, as she is my first born. We had a lovely party at home, which I will share more of when I gather more photos from people who smartly captured every detail of the day.
Chai chose a PINK and PURPLE theme for her party (as they're her fave colours.... well pink has been since the moment she could choose for herself and purple is a recent addition. Amazed she has allowed purple in to her life, so strong is her love for pink!).

Chai, I love you and am so happy you chose me to be your mummy in this life. I will strive to be there for you when you want me to and to let you be your free spirit the rest of the time. Um, sorry I yell at you sometimes..... but I will continue to make you peanut butter sandwiches with the crust cut off, cut into a moon.... so long as you ask for them. xxx

Friday, January 8, 2010

It's "Music with Mat" time!

Well we finally have done it!
You can now buy lesson vouchers, at bpab, with the most talented Mat (musically speaking) you'll ever know! He comes highly recommended by many happy students who now thrash out their versions of favourite songs, make up and record their own music, got into the school band 'cos they passed their music exam, wowed the one they've been trying to get the attention of but have been unsuccessful up until now, able to keep a beat and little ones who make their mummas blush with pride.
Hey, I know all this, because I've been watching for many years now! Yep, he's my Mat.
Anyway, here's the spiel:

"Every child is born a genius" -Albert Einstein

Guitar, Piano, Bass and basic Drum Lessons

Do you have a budding Mozart or Hendrix at home?
Have you ever wished you could play music?
Well achieve your dreams, tap into your creative side and enjoy the challenge of learning an instrument.

Learn to play for fun: From the basics to your favourite tune.
Or for the more advanced: AMEB exams, sight reading, theory, song writing, and a wide variety of styles- Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Flamenco, Pop, Funk, Country, etc...

All welcome from Beginners to Advanced.

Age is no barrier, no one is too young or old to learn.

Professional tuition by Mat Creedon from the home studio in North Balwyn, Victoria.
Mat Creedon, is a fully qualified guitar teacher, who has an Advanced Diploma in Jazz/Classical/Popular guitar. He has 19 years teaching experience and currently composes music for films and for his band "The Ribbon Device".

Instrument fees are $25 for 1/2 hour lesson.
Buy a lesson voucher as a gift or for yourself.
Multiple lesson vouchers also available ($23 per lesson in this case). Select from the drop down menu.
When you buy a voucher, you or the person who we send it to will receive the voucher with all the information you need to redeem it. (Basically you'll get to talk to Mat and work out what instrument is to be taught, which time and day for your lesson and anything else you wish to know. He really is a lovely guy!)

Ages 4+

Not in Melbourne?
Skype lessons coming soon! Yay!!