Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to school fun!

Going back to school (or starting for the first time!) can be scary, exciting, boring..... we thought it should be something special and have come up with some fun things to get into the spirit of another year of learning stuff and goofing off with friends. BFF xx

1. 'Piggy goes to rabbit's party' messenger bag by Mee A Bee
2. Space dream snack box by Sigg
3. Robot pencils by Kaper Kidz
4. Skull storm 600ml drink bottle by Sigg
5. 'Give me five!' reward chart by Tiptoe
6. Flower hair ties by Papoose
7. Flip-a-flap game by Red Bunyip
8. Besties puppy markers by Micador
9. Space dream bag & bottle set by Sigg
10. Swap pocket mirrors in Purple by Lark
11. Giant pencil by Kaper Kidz
12. Centipede cm round ruler by Red Bunyip
13. 'Rainbow week' first calendar for school by Tiptoe
14. Flower shoe pouch by Sigg
15. Dog trinket storybook keyrings by Lark

All these products are still on sale until Sunday! Hooray for School and Kinder!

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