Monday, February 1, 2010

First day at Kinda today!

Chai had her very first day of being anywhere structured, supposedly without parents and siblings..... 4 year old kindergarten!
I say supposedly, because she wouldn't let me leave her there.
That was okay, I had planned to possibly be hanging around as Chai had expressed concern about me not being there with her.
So I hung out, scared a couple of shy kids, made small talk with a few others, re-molded smashed play dough, cut up fruit, swept up sand around the sand pit..... all while quietly observing the goings on and conversations of the little folk.

I left Chai to experience her new surroundings on her own, only encouraging Chai (if she approached me) when she felt lost or confused. As she had not been in this situation before, she had a few of these moments. I'd direct her to her teachers or another activity and then she'd be right. By the end I could hear her voice amongst others and one of my happy thoughts were 'here comes the chatter box' and knew she was settling in. Chai even found a kindred spirit, another girl who also had plaits in her hair and wearing a similar necklace as herself.

On our way home, Chai told me how much she loves kinda. We had a little chat about how the other mummy and daddy's came back to get their children and maybe I could do that. Plus, they need to have a turn cutting up the fruit as well. She though it would be a good idea too and decided that next time she goes to kinda, I could come back and pick her up at the end.
So that's tomorrow!

Another milestone down......


Megan said...

congratulations to your little one! and to you for doing the right thing when she needed you there, just not *right* there.
hope tomorrow goes well!

Mee a Bee said...

Big milestones! glad it went well :)