Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun mandala colour in

Mandala means circle in Indian Sanskrit. Colouring in a mandala is a great way to spend time focusing on a positive shape, like a circle, creating a medative state while you take the time to completely cover the mandala's surface.
After it is finished, it looks fantastic as a framed work of art or turned into something functional.... like a laminated place mat or wrapping paper!
Print an extra one out for you to do while your child is doing theirs, it will create a bit of 'time away' from everyday things.

I will be designing more mandalas for you to do. Please let me know any themes you would like to see, so I have an idea for a design.

We will be displaying finished mandalas on our Facebook page. Please up-load your own or email them in to me and I will pop them up for you. Include name and age for each picture and any thoughts about your piece.

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