Sunday, February 7, 2010

Djeco Flight of Fancy mobile

Spent a few loooonng minutes today trying to re-assemble our own mobile, which we took down from the dining room light to make way for a party recently. I proceeded to do this without looking at the set up diagram that comes with the mobile. It was not working, as it requires mathematics to calculate the ratio of balance with air (and sticky fingers from children who shouldn't be touching it while mummy is trying to put HER mobile together)!
Of course, because I'm not a scientist, the mobile kept swaying on an up right angle.... not at all balanced like it should. So I found the instructions and promptly assembled the bird mobile rather quickly and it now sways majestically in little La's room. Hooray!
You can attempt to show me up, if you like. The mobile spans 80cm, so you'll need a large flat surface to assemble it.
Djeco Flight of Fancy mobile $44.00

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