Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Welcome to our own brand: bpab

It's official, beyond pink and blue has it's own in-house label, smartly going by the name of bpab.
I know I don't have to explain what these letters stand for, because if you are a fan of beyond pink and blue, you're a clever cookie!
So far the only goodies we have in store under bpab, are our fabulous lucky dips. These are very popular for parties, surprises and rewards. They come in $2 and $5 value AND you can select which age group and gender the dip is for. Hooray!

I will be completing some more 'colourful fun stuff' this month to add to bpab. Will keep you up to date as things happen. If you want a sneak peek at something in the pipe lines.... checkout the new issue of My Child magazine, on the Style Collective 'buy independent' page. Hehehehe x


Dawn said...

What a great website, I just love the colours just jumps out at you when you log on.

Monica @ bpab said...

Thank you very much Dawn!