Monday, January 18, 2010

My Chai is now 5

Chai celebrated her 5th birthday on Saturday. I'm amazed at how the time has passed, as she is my first born. We had a lovely party at home, which I will share more of when I gather more photos from people who smartly captured every detail of the day.
Chai chose a PINK and PURPLE theme for her party (as they're her fave colours.... well pink has been since the moment she could choose for herself and purple is a recent addition. Amazed she has allowed purple in to her life, so strong is her love for pink!).

Chai, I love you and am so happy you chose me to be your mummy in this life. I will strive to be there for you when you want me to and to let you be your free spirit the rest of the time. Um, sorry I yell at you sometimes..... but I will continue to make you peanut butter sandwiches with the crust cut off, cut into a moon.... so long as you ask for them. xxx

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