Monday, August 31, 2009

Adventure Island - The new generation

Welcome to Adventure Island - The Next Generation.
John Michael Howson and Bruce Rowland have united again to bring Adventure Island - The Next Generation to the children of today. The original one was on TV in the late 60's and re-run in the early 70's and was rather popular. To see a YouTube slide show of the original show, click here. (Not allowed to load this clip here unfortunately.) Maybe you watched it when you were younger?

bpab is stocking the new Adventure Island DVD, which features a mixture of pantomime, song and dance. Adventure Island - The Next Generation has all new stories and music, but still has the same sense of fun and core values of the original show. Only $12.50!

You can also catch live shows around Australia right now.

Check out the official Adventure Island website for shows near you.

Meet the characters from Adventure Island:

Mizzy Lizzy
Hello there! My name is Mizzy Lizzy and I run the Post Office here on Adventure Island! I make sure all of the letters and drawings you send us are all delivered on time! I’m also a fairy so sometimes I use my magic powers to help...

Wazza Clown
Ah! Well, hello, my name is... hmmm... well gosh, I... oh, I’m Wazza Clown! I love my friends and I really love doing nice things for them. Like now, I’m off to... Where was I going again?

Dizzy Daizey
Goodness Gracious Azaleas! I didn’t see you there! I’ve been giving my roses a good winter prune so they’ll be just gorgeous in spring when they sssppppprrrring into life! Oh! Lychees and Bananas! I haven’t even introduced myself- I’m Dizzy Daizey!

Bazza Bear
Hello! I’m Bazza Bear. I can’t talk so I make special signs with my hands. I love going on adventures, listening to Mizzy Lizzy’s stories and playing fun games!

Mizzda Meaner & Ratzza Tat Tat
Grmph! Who are you and what are you doing on Adventure Island?!? Don’t you know that this is my island? I am Mizzda Meaner and this is my faithful furry four-legged friend- Ratzza Tat Tat! And we would both like it if you would be so kind and SCRAM!

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Cass said...

I used to love Adventure Island. Not sure if they can re-do it thought without John Michael. Now they just need to bring back some other old favourites like Catch Kandy and The Lost Islands