Friday, December 19, 2008

Almost time to shave!

Well it's been going for a couple of months now and the Shave for Wishes fundraiser is going to come to an end soon. (30th Dec. '08)
That's when the everyday hero page will close it's doors..... and I'm hoping to have reached the $500 mark by then. What do you think?? The total is up to $365 at the moment.

Thanks to some very generous people (some not wanting to be known) and for the great customers of bpab (5% of every sale has been donated too), we are getting there.

Early days saw some conflict of interest.... "I'm not donating, I want Monica to keep her hair!" (and) "Right, where do I donate?? I want it all gone!" I even got my father-in-law joking that he'll have to call in all the money people owe him so there will be none spare to donate (I think he's a bit worried about me being shaved... he just got used to the idea of going out in public with me....).
But whether you like my hair now or can't wait to see what I will look like with a bare head - it's going ahead anyway! I would like to use the excuse that I've reached my target and 'they' made me shave my head, but if it doesn't happen in the next couple of weeks, come the new year and it's out with the old (dreaded, tangled, fluffy, over-grown) and in with the new!

Yeah, it can't last forever and I'm welcoming the change (as i always do!).
So please, please, please if you are secretly reading this and have been thinking of donating for a while - it's time. Don't put it off any more.... just do it! You'll make a sick child's wish come true (and have my eternal gratitude).

Click on the 'Shave for Wishes' banner on the top right of this blog.

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