Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Week 2 of the 30 day DETOX!

I've been meaning to write about our lovely month long detox all week!
Mr bpab and I are cleansing ourselves.... my mum was doing it and I loved the idea of having a book tell me what to eat, drink etc in an attempt to get me feeling and looking great! (She lasted 2 weeks on it as dad wanted to go out for dinner one night and that was it. On ya dad!) Anyway, so I stole the book off mum and here we are.... 1 week gone already!
We have been eating 3 meals a day and drinking water in between. The meals are vegetarian and focus on whole grains, tofu, steaming vegetables, salads, yogurt, spa dressings, fruit, herbal teas. All the meals so far have been sooo yummy and I haven't even been tempted to sneak a chocolate or biscuit!
We have not eaten anything processed (you make tomato sauce/ketchup), the only sweetener we've had is honey and fruit of course. No alcohol, chocolate (I thought I would die!) or coffee and no eggs or bread.
I've had some mild headaches now and again. I though it may be because of lack of sleep earlier on in the week. I was reminded that we've taken all sugar out of our diet, so I guess I have purged a bit!
If I feel a bit peckish between meals I drink water (because that's all we can have!) and magically I forget that I was wanting something to eat! So when 'they' tell you to drink some water first if you want something to eat, well you probably should. ('They' also go on to say that if you still feel hungry after the water, then you probably are hungry.)

Anyway, that's the low down. The 1st week was about preparing our body for detox and getting into eating a bit differently.
This 2nd week starts with more juices and liquid meals, as well as some grains etc.
See how we go....

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petit said...

You are so brave to do this. No coffee and chocolate, no way! Wishing you luck.