Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth hour tonight! How will you be spending it?

Yep, it's snuck up on me and now it is here!
Turning off lights is not hard to do. I mean if you live in an environmentally aware household, you'd be used to turning off lights when you leave a room. So this will be no big deal. If you are a bit scared perhaps invest in some night vision goggles! Wouldn't that be fun!
Actually I think most people are heading out into the night or lighting candles around the place and pretending to engage in romantic conversations.....

Having said that - I've no idea what we will be doing this year.
Got any ideas?
Would love to hear what you are up to tonight when you turn off the lights at 8.30pm for 1 hour. (Unless you're planning something naughty or illegal! hahaha)

Have a fun Sat. night now!

P.S. Make your effort count by clicking the Earth Hour pic on the left here and registering your participation. We have!!

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