Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boon makes bath time a pleasure!

We are very happy to welcome boon into our store. The first part of their range is dedicated to BATH TIME fun and organisation! Hooray I hear you say.
Well it's very welcomed around our home anyway.

The colours are bright, there are no holes in any of the toys (so they will not fill up with water and get all black inside and go mouldy), the floating toys, like the ring toss game and the water bugs shown above, are different and are good for all ages to play with.
The Odd Ducks are quirky as they're shapes are unique... even to each other. There are 4 to collect.
Lastly, keeping toys and bathing accessories (like bubble bath and shampoo) will be a joy to store, thanks to the frog pod (pictured) and bug pod. Their body is a scoop which detaches from the stand. You scoop up all the toys in the bath and let the water drain away through the holes in the body. Then attach to the stand again. There is a tray behind the head for accessories too.
Big bonus of boon products are that they do not contain BpA!

Makes you want to play in the bath again doesn't it? That's where I'm typing this from!

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