Monday, May 10, 2010

Clearing the virtual shelves!

We soooo need the space and there are some OLD favourites that really need homes, so our sale is one not to be missed! We have 'slashed' our prices big time on most products.
Having a great sale comes with some conditions though.
Here they are:
* No coupon codes are to be used (they won't work anyway...)
* No laybys please (we really need things to physically leave our mini warehouse!)
* No refunds or returns (so choose wisely)

The sale will continue until stock is gone (or I wear myself out).

I know you may be puzzled with the sudden change of sale tactic, seeings I just recently started the 'brands awareness' sale. Things were not going very well and instead of riding it through, I decided that it was in every one's best interest that I stop mucking around and just do what needs to be done! I know you appreciate this.

There are some things in the works at the moment, but will not be saying anything more about it all until I've worked it all out. But we are re-jigging beyond pink and blue and focusing on particular parts of childhood, instead of spreading ourselves over the whole deal. I hope you get what I mean and will continue to support our little business.
Mon x

(Go shopping!)

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