Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's time to close our doors :(

It's with a little bit of a heavy heart, but also mixed with excitement for the future, that I formally announce the closure of beyond pink and blue.
It has been an interesting 5 years and I've experienced a lot from running this great store. Obviously a big part is because of you guys!
Thank you for your support, in the many forms it has come in: shopping (big one there!), listening, participating, sharing with others, being excited and open minded, to name just a few.

So the good bit (for you) is we are having a CLOSING DOWN SALE. Obviously, everything must go and all stock is at least at cost price.
There are some terms: no lay by, no returns or exchange, no points. (Click on the picture to go shop.)

You can also share your feelings on twitter, our facebook page, or directly here, under comments.
Once you've shopped for yourself, please share this news with your friends, so we can close the door quickly and let someone else dominate your heart. (A clean break is best.... no point in dragging it out, is there??)

All the best for your colourful life,
Mon x

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