Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gift Certificates

We now offer gift certificates (or vouchers) at bpab!
Just in time for Christmas.........
Thanks to Paypal, you can select the amount you'd like to give, if you want to email the certificate to the lucky duck or print it out and give it to them in person (or maybe with their Christmas card by post) and type a note too.
The certificates last for 18 months! (Golly! That's a long time!)

So if you're not sure what to give, but think they'd love what goodies beyond pink and blue have in store, a Gift Certificate would be perfect.
Actually, if you come across extra money now, you can even give a gift certificate to yourself to use at a later date (when you need a pick me up shopping frenzy treat and you're broke!).

Look for this button on the top left hand corner (above 'I like to shop' box) on every page of the bpab shop.
Soooo easy!

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