Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is.... my favourite thing from nature

It looks like a lot of things from nature.... but actually it's the diversity of what nature can do and be that is my favourite thing!
How nature can have so many looks, so many shades of colours (even if they are all greens or browns), so many shapes and patterns (if you look close enough) and so many different textures and moods.
It's no wonder I love nature! It's not very hard when you are surrounded by it. (Even if you live in a concrete jungle)
If I am ever sad or frustrated or need time out from what I'm doing, a bit of nature therapy always lifts me and refreshes any stale views I may have. Soooo lucky to have nature, she's a real gift!
Now go outside......

This weeks theme is from Cloth and Fodder who is a brilliant at sewing.... really!

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