Thursday, March 18, 2010

Petal tutu skirts are bright, bold and fun!

I've been busy whipping up lovely petal tutu skirts for bpab.
I originally made one for La to wear to her BLUE birthday party last year and it was an instant hit with everyone there PLUS it's her most favourite skirt! Hooray! (She's a nappy and singlet kinda gal, so her wanting to wear a skirt is joy to me!)

Anyway, you can now have one for your very own. I am making a small selection, so the sizes are random in the shop. "How odd!" you exclaim..... it's because I am using re-claimed (or pre-loved) elastic waisted skirts that are in great condition, like the one below here:
Then washing it and turning it into something like the wonderful skirt below:

So you see, the sizes will be random, depending on the skirts I find.

The OTHER option is for YOU to send me an elastic waist skirt (about knee length) and choosing your own colours to go with it. I'll make up your very own petal tutu skirt and send it back to you! (You'll save $10 on the retail price, or $5 if you want me to replace the elastic around the waist.)

Now we are extending the life of our favourite skirts or bringing back to life an unwanted, out-grown piece of kids clothing! There will be more to come in this inventive range too.

To see the selection in store, look under the bpab house label.

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