Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mibo paper animals (giveaway)

They're the Yolk Folk! Meet Sophia Le Hen, Eggory Peck and Cluck Gable.
1 of the fabulous range of paper animal packs by mibo (UK) now at our store.
All you need is scissors and glue and you can make these chickies too!
Other packs include: Wise Guys (owls), Forest Friends (woodland creatures) and Carrot Crew (yep, rabbits).
Great activity for ages 6+ (including adults!)
Decorate your room or next party table top with a set of paper animals.

Who wants a pack? me me me me!
Just follow this blog and then leave me a comment below stating which pack you'd love to win and where they would live in your home once made.
Winner selected randomly (from correctly entered entries) on 1st Feb. 2011.


moppysgirl said...

I would love the Forest Friends! They would live on top of my piano in our lovely front room.

Mon @ bpab said...

Wow! So many entries!
Moppysgirl, you are the winner... randomly chosen of course.
Thanks for entering.

moppysgirl said...

Thank you! How disappointing that there weren't more entries. Not for me of course! What information do you need and where do I send it?

Thanks again!

Mon @ bpab said...

Name and address to info[at]beyondpinkandblue[dot]com