Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Family spends time together! (thanks to gastro)

Happy to say we have all recovered from what was a lovely weekend of 'quality family time'.
It all started last Friday in the wee hours of the morn. (too early for good people to be awake!) Little L threw up in our bed, on me...... She was a sad soul for the day and by the evening when it was time to go to bed, she was able to have a solid sleep, thus feeling fine on Saturday morning.
Round two came on Saturday night when Mr bpab started complaining about a funny tummy..... at the time I was kind of feeling a bit odd, but didn't want to admit anything was really wrong (it was the middle of the night and I just wanted to go back to sleep.) But it got me thinking that maybe we ate something not quite right for dinner. By then both of us were awake talking about what it could be and slowly I began to feel queasy. Mr bpab had been visiting the to let room for a while now and moved out into the lounge to rest there.
I finally thought I'd get up and as soon as I did, I knew I needed to throw up. THANK YOU for the luxury of a hot shower! I didn't get to brush my teeth (to complete my 'back to normality' sense of feeling) as little L was crying and needed her mummy. Oh, that's right..... got to look after kids still!
By morning, we'd established it was not food poisoning, as now Little C had joined in the fun! (She is refusing to eat what we do...) Instead of vomiting in bed, she asked to have a shower and did it in the bathroom. So basically most rooms are smelling and looking lovely!

So Sunday was spent lying around groaning, complaining, crying, visiting the small room, showering off vomit (we did run out of hot water by the evening, which we've never done before!), changing sheets and clothing, looking after other sickies (that was the crap stuff) as well as (this is the good stuff:) watching lots of movies, napping, lying in bed or on the couch, giving cuddles AND all as a family (as we always try to spend our Sundays!)
Of course little L did all the normal stuff that toddlers do because she was well. But it was probably the first time she observed her parents laying around doing nothing all day!

Monday rolled around and we were feeling much better!
By the end of the day, we had drifted apart for small periods to do our own things....... the time spent as a family was precious, but not destined to last. Well not till next Sunday (and there will be no gastro, cos face it, we don't need it's help to come together again!).

Time to do more washing..............

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