Sunday, September 21, 2008

What I'd LOVE to get in the (snail) mail!

New Poppies For Grace paper loveliness has landed at bpab!

I would be ecstatic if I received a hand written letter........ and would treasure it more so if the writer used any of the papers from these sets!
The red one is called 'Two Willows' and the green one is called 'One Willow'.
Both packs have 3 different types of papers, printed and plain brown craft envelopes,
envelope stickers and labels.

And imagine how giggly I'd be if I got one of these party invitations in my letterbox!
I'd stick it on my fridge with the magnet that came with it!
And then at the party, when it's time to go home.... I'd get a bag of treats too! Hooray!

(top) Isobel party invites and brown paper treat bag
(bottom) Charlie brown paper treat bag and party invitations.

All my favourite and most treasured books would have these wonderfully playful book plates stuck in the front cover, so everyone would know who cares for them. I'd write who gave the book to me too!

Playground book plates set.
They come in a red envelope and include 2 of each of these designs.
(good to colour in too!)

All Poppies For Grace products are locally made and use recycled paper.

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Jodie said...

The Poppies for Grace items that I bought from BPAB have been a huge hit. I love them. The treat bags were a hit with the 10YO's. They felt very mature for not receiving plastic disney print bags!