Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is.... my absolute favourite band(s) of all time!

Better late than never....

I've picked 3 bands that left a dent from my teenage years (eeekkkk!)
(in no particular order...)

#1: The Angels

This obsession with Doc Neeson and The Angels started when the boy I had a crush on back then introduced me to lots of Aussie Rock bands! Lots of playing and singing followed, many taped cassettes were exchanged.... nothing else I'm afraid....

#2: Def Leppard

Actually bought a few of their cassettes (easier to lug around everywhere than vinyl!) Although I think we had this particular album on vinyl. Yes, my parents were fans too! In fact the three of us saw Def Leppard in 'the round' when they played Melbourne..... (I was embarrassed and proud at the same time of this experience - so was both teased and secretly awed at school!)
A t-shirt souvenir was called for!

#3: Transvision Vamp

One I am not cringing about and would like to track down some of their tunes now I've thought about them! Fond memories were shared with my best friend (at the time).... we loved Wendy James and all she stood for, we had nick names taken from one of their songs (I was Marty, she was Lenny), writing letters and graffiti from lyrics and band name everywhere. The Vamp was a love affair and helped us express ourselves at a time in our lives when we needed direction, but didn't want to be told.....

Thanks to Ms Curlypops for last weeks This Is.
Check out all about This Is and how you can play too.

Soon I will do the bands I love now!!!!

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