Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eye Spy.... a small object

I won't be around tomorrow, so am doing this today! (this seems to be the day to blog!)

Can you see him?

Let me bring him down to our level and get a close up:

He's a jade frog that has been in our household for a long time. He hangs out with some other friends in our kitchen on the window sill and time to time, little hands like to have a hold of him... I find him in all sorts of places and if he could talk (maybe he does, but I'm not listening??) he would have some stories to tell me!

Thanks to the crafty librarian for this weeks eye spy.


Geek+Nerd said...

My small objects live on my window too - I haven't posted them yet though!

The Crafty Librarian said...

I saw him! So cute! What a lovely choice for your small object :-)