Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Skout me out

I've joined Skout Trade Fair.
It is a website that brings anyone who does kids business of any sort.... designer, shops, promoters, makers, crafters..... together in the one spot so we can network, promote and be-friend!
So far it has been easy to navigate and I've even found some friends! Yay!!

As I get more entangled in the web of cyber space, I feel I need to get more organised..... or maybe I just need to clone myself. Well better get to work then.

Skout is free to join. (but you must join up to view any content.)
Will I see you there?

Visit Skout Trade Fair

1 comment:

Skout said...

Oh you sweet super fabulous woman! .. thank you so much for writing this .... uh - I am blown away - Lou - AKA Skout xxx