Friday, January 30, 2009

My brain is melting...

I'm trying hard to do some work today, as I have received new wooden play toys (they are divine!!) and want to enter them into the shop asap. But I had to stop to write this post!

If you are in Melbourne (or Victoria for that matter) you'll now how I'm feeling. It's hot.
I love melbs. weather, we get the full range and it's usually fine to experience extreme conditions because you know it will only last for a few days before the change comes and you turn to the other season's clothing.

So this has been a very tiring week for people who are not used to 'Egyptian' weather (as Mr bpab keeps referring to Egypt being one of the hottest places on earth. )

Anyway, I was working away at my computer and was trying really hard to read what was on the invoice, when it struck me that I was in the dark! I'm in my lounge room, all the curtains are fully drawn, blinds outside are down and there is the light of my computer screen.
When it's night time, we turn the light on - as if it's a ritual, you just do it. But when it's stinking hot, you'd rather be in the dark! Funny har? (Probably not really.... my brain is just melting....)

We made a fantastic discovery..... fill a spray bottle up with (precious) water and spray yourself through out the day! I'm talking bottles hairdressers use or the ones you use to spray your plant leaves.... and the setting has to be MIST - not stream or spray (unless you want to hurt yourself). We all have one each (well, I have to fight the girls to get a go of one! Actually I think I'll train them up to come over and spray me every 10 minutes.....brilliant!). This is the most fun with water the kids are going to have. No sprinklers, water slides on garbage bags with dripper hoses, water bombs.... they were some good water abusing times!

Well, this was supposed to just take me 5 minutes to do, but we had an ice cream break, one child with a crying tantrum to sort out (while Jimmy Hendrix was playing.... yes he's here in our lounge room...), a couple of crappy nappies to change (that's the worst hot weather job to do!!) and opening up of curtains for a bit of light relief before the night comes.

Lots of power going off around the place. If you have stuff on 'stand by' mode and are not using it..... turn it off at the wall and save a bit of that power.
This is Ranger Mon signing off!
Have yourself a balmy night. We'll be swimming tonight (at a pool we can sneak in to use!) and then probably eating ice cream at Pancake Parlour (you know they're open 24). Yep! Big Friday night plans!!

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sophie said...

I have heard so much about Melbourne's crazy weather - so glad Sydney isn't feeling it!