Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eye Spy.... What I'm reading

I've just finished reading this book last night.
I went through a big Irvine Welsh thing years ago and collected all his novels.
Lots of weird stories, mainly about drug taking and Edinburgh lads (they're written the way they talk) ....... if you've read or seen Trainspotting, you'll get the gist.
Was going to give them all away recently, but Mr bpab stopped me as he wants to read them 'one day'. So they are still in our book case. The covers are all bright and great looking!
Anyway, I always need something to read before I go to sleep at night and I found this on my bed - so I read it. Still a good read.

But if you want a great read... laughs, country living, getting away from it all and falling in love with another mum's life (as she tries to live the bohemian lifestyle and feels pathetic, but you love her 'cause you can really relate to her.....)- then this next book is for you!
I love it and Raffaella Barker's writting style is fantastic. Really gets you in and lets you enjoy a fun story. I'm a serial Author collector..... once I find a great book, I keep looking for more from the same author. So yeah, I've got all her books too! Waiting for her to write something new actually, so I can stop re-reading......

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Bek said...

Hens Dancing sounds great. I will have to check the library!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Love the sound of Hens Dancing too. I'm adding that to my list of ones to check out.