Thursday, May 28, 2009

Snailblazer Swap package arrived today!!!

Feeling a bit low today and this really cheered me up......
About a month or so ago I signed up to participate in the mega hand made swap that is the Snailblazer Swap. I had to make 10 of the same item, send them off to Cass from Snailblazer. I'd be put into a group with 10 other people doing the same thing and therefore get 10 different items back! Very exciting stuff!!
Here's what I got in my parcel today:

Headband by Suzanne @ Pobies Productions
Diary/Pen holder by Sarah @ Charge Family Files
Tissue holder by Natasha @ Tashalou Creations
Phone cozy by Bec @ Becky Et Al
Cards by Jo @ Everything Is Rosy And Grey
Zippered purse by Danielle @ An Ordinary Life
Brooch by Sophie @ Her Heart My Hands
Make-up purse by Kat @ Kat Creative Adventures
Bird hair tie travel case by Kylie @ A Little Red Dress
Knitted wash cloth by Leah @ Puggle Logic

Thanks gals for a wonderful pic-me-up! I'm not sharing anything!! hehehe
Now to show you what I made....

10 knitted necklace/hanging chains in purple, pink or black.
There are buttons, a bell and felt roll on each one.
Here's Chai wearing her one as a necklace! (She couldn't get it off me fast enough!!)


Jo said...

Thanks Monica for the groovy knitted chain. I love it!, and
I may even hide it from my 9 year old daughter.

Leah said...

Thanks Monica - love the knitted chain - my Annabelle is convinced it's for her!

sophie said...

Eva knicked this chain for herself as soon as it came out of the bag! Girls just love necklases don't they!!

BeckyEtal said...

My chain has already been spied, and stolen by Miss Possum, will have to claim it back when she goes to bed. Many thanks for a great item :)

Kat said...

Thanks heaps for my knitted necklace. It is so cute. I hope you liked the makeup purse I sent.

Dani said...

Thanks Monica, what an awesome idea! Hate to say it but mine has been spyed as well!

Kylie said...

Hey Monica, love the knitted necklace. Very sweet idea. I can't knit, so always love to see what people come up with... :)

Sarah C said...

Hi Monica, Thanks for the knitted chain my daughter is convinced it is a great cat toy I have had to hide it to prevent it being damaged.

Tasha said...

Thankyou so much for my chain, my daughter has claimed it already!! I hope you tissue holder doesn't come in too handy! lol