Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eye spy.... A morning ritual

I confess there is no morning ritual at our place.
We all sleep together, we all get up at different times, some mornings the following happens:
*we cry because we woke up all wrong
*we play in bed until we need to go to the toilet
*we sneak out of bed and let others stay sleeping (my favourite!)
*we have milo in sipper cups
*we watch a movie in the lounge room (or in bed if daddy hasn't taken his laptop away...)
*we eagerly wait for daddy to come inside from the studio to give us morning kisses and cuddles
*we jump into the shower and wake up

Who can tell what we will do tomorrow morning?
Perhaps THIS is our 'ritual'... to wake up and embrace a new day in a different way!
Well, what do you know.

Thank you 3 Red Buttons for this weeks theme.
Head on over to Bug And Pop's for more morning rituals..... hopefully they'll all have some!


sarasophia said...

That is exactly how it is at our house to. I am not the type of person to jump sprinting from the bed at the first sign of daylight---and I love morning snuggles still under the covers.

Our little ones invade and I just want to hold on to this time together while they are still small.

Jetta's Nest said...

Embracing each day in a different way is the perfect way to start the day :)

Off to write about our morning ritual now!