Monday, June 1, 2009

Help! We've been attacked by Monstars!

Owl top (little sizes) $30.00

Sneaker top (bigger sizes) $32.00

Robot hoodie (all sizes!) $38.00

Well not really 'attacked' in the usual scary's that I just noticed bpab now has over 50 different items of Monstar Kids clothing in our collection! All types of stuff and many mix and match really well. More boyish stuff has landed (we're just waiting on some dacks I think) and they look pretty cool. Check out the whole wardrobe full of Monstar Kids threads and while you're there.......


Buy 3 Monstar Kids items and at checkout type "MONSTAR KIDS ARE COOL KIDS" in the comments box (where you type gift wrap instructions) and I will refund your money for the cheapest item! That's 3 items for the price of 2! (If you're paying cash, cheque or direct deposit, just subtract the cheapest item from your total.)
Offer ends in 2 weeks, that's Monday 15th June 2009.

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