Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eye Spy... something I made for a little person

Mr bpab and I had a 'Cowboy and Indians' birthday party last year and everyone had a blast dressing up as either.
I made our costumes (as always...) and La was transformed into a little Indian girl and Chai became a Cowgirl for the day.

It's fun making dress ups for the little people in my life! And they will wear them over and over, mix and match with regular clothing..... good value.
The girls keep making suggestions of what costumes they'd like next, especially from Chai.... there's a kangaroo (or tail more likely) and ballerina dress that are on top of the list. Now to actually put some time aside to do them!

Thanks to Sweet Emmelie for this weeks Eye Spy theme.
Click on the Eye Spy banner on the left here to join in the fun.


Jessi said...

ohhhh so cute!

Tom is having a cowboy/cowgirl party in September for his 1sr birthday! I can't wait!!!


Jetta's Nest said...

Good stuff, Monica!

I love making costumes at home (well, I don't have much choice really). The best tail I've ever made is very kangarooish and is made out of an old brown jumper. Just cut off a sleeve, stitch up wrist, stuff the sleeve full with the rest of the jumper, stitch her up and attach it to a waistband.....instant, recycled kanga tail!

Actually, I think I might catch up with this eye-spy and put a pic of the said kanga tail on my blog :)