Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A customer return or a present?

Yesterday afternoon I was opening the mail.
I'm the kinda gal who "opens as she goes" as far as mail is concerned, So I don't look through the envelopes and packages first to see who they are to - I look at the top letter / package and see who it's addressed to, if it's to me, I open it..... (Just thought you wanted to know about my strange habits!)
Anyway, yesterday there was a brown envelope package amongst the letters etc that made a strange jingly noise every time it was moved. Mmmmmmm....
So I thought it needed my attention. I thought it may be a customer returning something broken (that's how negative I've been lately!) and thought I better address it right now.
So I opened it up and low and behold it was a present!!!!
My Pay It Forward from the lovely Jemma was sitting on my lap, a total surprise, a very nice one too! Here it is:

Some funky fabric, buttons and a beautiful pin cushion. All very inspiring and will add to my growing sewing stuff. Mmmm, what to make?

Thanks Jemma for my nice surprise! Trying to think more positively now!!

I haven't forgotten my 3 Pay It Forward darlings..... one day soon you will get what may sound like something broken!


Sharon said...

Yeah for you! I love snail mail....add an unexpected present and it's even better! (LOOOOOVE the fabric!)

Jodie said...

Can't say I'm an open as you go kinda a gal. I make piles and then shuffle the piles until finally one day I open them (hehehe!!) It's a lovely present from Jemma