Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I want to know!

I posed this statement with the following questions in the July newsletter:

1. The BRANDS / PRODUCTS you love that we already have at bpab (and want us to keep stocking or order again, if it's out of stock at the moment)
2. Any BRANDS you want bpab to stock and why
3. Any products (specific or just general) bpab should be stocking for you. I know we have gaps and don't cover all categories, so it would be great to find out what our lovely customers would like us to have.
4. What's important to you- organic, fair trade, Australian made, imported, hand made, originality, colour(!)...

You can email me with some answers if you want. I'd like to have a bit of feedback from genuine customers (um and not potential suppliers.....) and have a bit of an idea what you want at bpab.
I'll be attending a few Trade Fairs in the next couple of months to see what's out there.
So over to you!

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