Sunday, July 19, 2009

Eye Spy.... something I should use

A glue gun! I've got a growing collection of broken things that need to be fixed by glue.... I just have to remember to ask my sister for a lend of her glue gun.... soon it seems!

Oh look - my trusty sewing machine! I should start using it on a regular basis. At the moment she looks at me adoringly from on top of one of the dining room tables, in the corner, where all the rest of my sewing stuff is, in boxes..... oh dear.

Blank canvases. Had been hunting these for a while and finally found some square ones at a $5 shop at a good price. Some will be for use for alphalfabeetroot letter wall art - but I've got other ideas for the others.... so I should use them then, eh??

Other things that directly come to mind that I should use:
vacuum cleaner
feather duster (while wearing a black maids outfit I guess)
my body (in a more physical sense.... it sits in the same position a lot come to think of it and would benefit from more physical activity) - so that adds:
my bike
stretching book
local walking track

my weekly planner.... I wonder where that is??

Wow, this is a really depressing eye spy! I think I need some chocolate....
Thanks to The Bird Bath for this weeks 'revealing' theme (don't worry, I'm not really that sad and I don't blame you at all.... really!)
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Right time to get off this computer (and comfy chair) and enjoy my Sunday, with my family. It's sunny right now. Lots of beautiful gifts to enjoy today. Enjoy yours. xx


Christina Lowry said...

Yes, a hot glue gun would come in very handy for crafting and accidents in this house! And my sewing machine does not like crochet, not one little bit. Play with me instead it says...


sophie said...

You are so funny Monica! You can buy glue guns relatively cheaply from Spotlight or craft stores, I find mine invaluable.

Monica @ bpab said...

I'm such a dork! I went to Spotlight yesterday to buy some cotton for crochetting and fabric to make some nighties, but FORGOT to buy glue sticks for the damn glue gun!