Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Little Tummies yummy cakes

An old friend of ours has re-emerged into our lives and I found out that she makes these wonderful cakes!
Melanie makes and decorates cupcakes, birthday cakes and cakes for any occassion using certified organic ingredients, all-natural food colours and of course no preservatives or other chemicals. This means she can whip you up something that's GLUTEN FREE! (insert any other food sensitivity here)
Happy Little Tummies is based in Cheltenham, Victoria.
Looks like I won't need to bother making the birthday cakes anymore! Chai has her eye on this doll one already.....
at least I know the kids will be eating a good ol' "wholesome" cake and not running around like crazy scary monsters! You know what I'm talking about....

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Little Lizzies said...

What cool cakes...wish we had someone here that made cakes like that for kidies with GF or other issues!!