Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Recycling unwanted CD cases - TRD style

As Mr bpab is a musician, we've got millions upon gazillion CDs.... but not enough room to house them all in their cases. So ages ago we decided to slim line our collection and get rid of all the big plastic cases and keep the cds with their paper paraphanalia together in double sided slips. All nice and cosey now!!
But we then had all these CD cases to deal with......
Mr bpab came up with a brilliant idea and has made an ad for one of his tunes.
Enjoy and pass it on!

Check out more of The Ribbon Device and download their music... so you can save on plastic.

1 comment:

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Now That is awesome... I can see some school holiday fun happening with this idea... maybe a square photo frame... or treasure box... oh i'll let let the kids decide..

xo Steph