Friday, July 31, 2009

I dressed myself & this is what I picked...

Chai is 4 and a half and is proudly wearing red and pink today.
She loves the ox top and always says "be strong, eat spinach!" when she puts it on..... if only she followed her own good advice!
Everything can be found at bpab! (Totally her choice, I promise!!)
Red Chalk Ox Top in red $44.00
Monstar Kids Pink Zig Zag Skirt $34.00
Red Chalk Leggings in red $22.00

Email me your photos of your munchkins wearing or playing with anything from bpab and we'll pop them up on our rainbow blog (so they get famous!!) and I'll send you a little present for your efforts. Yay!
* Include your postal address and name, age of child in photo.

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Kylie said...

What a little cutie! Just loving the pink and red combo, two of my fave colours. My little guy, also 4 and a half, doesn't fair quite as well I'm afraid. He doesn't do too badly as far as colours go, but is pretty weather inappropriate. A t-shirt and shorts guy in 10 degrees? I shiver just thinking about it!