Thursday, July 30, 2009

reading papier mache

I got to this page and loved what it said! If you can't quite make it out, click on the pic. for a better view. Papier Mache is a bi-yearly on-line magazine you can read and not have to wonder what to do with when you've finished with it!
Yeah... I'm a sucker for mags, especially the home decorating kind and of course kiddo ones (being in the business...), but I have too many stacked against the wall! I've decided to give away my old ones - in tact. I'm scanning the pages I love (for ideas, inspiration, etc) onto my computer and thus creating a hefty folder of images to look at when I want to.... and save floor and wall space! Hooray!
So it's always nice to discover another magazine on-line, but I can't help curling up on the couch with a good glossy either.......... well now I have a guilt-free plan!

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