Friday, July 24, 2009

Kiddie Craft: Make a Sparkly wand!

Grab some sturdy cardboard and draw or trace a star. Cut it out.
Grab some supplies to make the wands: silver foil (to cover the star and stick), a stick (use nature!), sticky tape, glue, glitter, coloured paper shapes (I had some stars already cut out from another project), ribbon (all for decorating the star).
Cut some silver foil twice as big as the star. Cut some slits in the foil to help you mould the foil around your star.
The front of a covered star. (The back doesn't need to be fully covered with foil)
Time to let the kids decorate their star! We used a glue stick to cover the front of the star.....
... with glitter and coloured paper stars!
Grab the stick and cut a wide bit of foil to cover it. Wrap the foil around the stick and mould into shape. I love how the organic shape of the stick adds some quirkiness to the look.
Place the stick onto the back of the star and use sticky tape to hold it in place.
Tie a ribbon (or stretchy lace as we've done here) around the stick, near the top and you're done!
Now time to play fairies, wizards and elves! Yay!!

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Jodie said...

Now tell us the truth Mon, did you make those wands for the girls or for YOU!!! (hehe - have a great weekend)