Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thank goodness for Poss Bloss!

Boy! Life is slow when you're on dial up!
I've had modem troubles (ours finally died!) and have resorted to my internal modem.... which uses the dial up connection instead of fast DSL. New modem should be here next week!
So until then, I will be practicing the art of patience! (And not doing as much as I'd normally be doing!)

Poss Bloss is our new local label at bpab.
Jodie is the PVC queen! She has all things under control when it's time to make a mess.
I'm half way through entering all the fabulous stock into the shop........
We have art smocks, aprons, place mats, floor 'spat' mats and fold overs (which we've re-named nappy wallets.

my nappy wallet! (funky isn't it??)

full of nappy stuff (2x nappies, wipes, change mat and disposal bags)

back of wallet

Our splat mat! GREAT for mealtimes and catching bits of play dough!!!
I had my heart set on a colourful spotted one (which will be in the shop for sale), but Chai was very very very pushy and would only limit mess-making if it was on this PINK one!
Still looks good though....

Poss Bloss are Australian owned and (hand)made! Yay!!

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