Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July Newsletter! (1st blog one)

Hi there!
Okay, not as flashy as the old one.... but I hope you'll still enjoy it (maybe a little bit more??).
You can comment on anything in this newsletter! Just scroll down to the bottom of this loooong post to the 'comments' box. Others will be able to read your remarks, so keep it squeaky.
The idea behind doing the monthly newsletter via the rainbow blog: to keep all news, ideas, reviews and thoughts in one place! You will be able to venture to the rainbow blog during the month to find out about things as they happen in the world of bpab. And I won't be cluttering up your in box.....

Welcome to July!
A time to clear out the garage and get rid of stuff that's been taking up room (in the garage that is...) and fill that new space with stuff that's been cluttering up the house! And once you've made room in the house, why not go to the sales and buy stuff to fill those empty spaces you've created!
Go on a holiday away from everything you are tired of looking at and have some fun!
Be it a day trip, a weekend or the whole works; it will give you the pep you've lost by this time of the year. (If you can't get away.....even a stolen moment at a cafe devouring sticky date pudding, could do the trick.)

Enjoy the news and the new (financial) year,
Monica (@ bpab)



Well, for us anyway. I have been talking about this for awhile and some of you may know already. I have decided (with the help of Oobi) to stop buying Oobi baby for the shop and sell what ever I have left. Sorry to those who love Oobi and I don't mean to make you cry, but you'll be able to still buy their stuff from 1,000 other stores...... (and I hope they were not the only reason you shopped at bpab.)

I wouldn't leave you in the lerch! (what ever that is)
New funky clothing, designed and made in Australia, by Fiona Roy (Vic. based)..... goes up to size 8!!!!!! Yay!
We've got a good range of the Monstar Kids Winter line in store now.
Lots of cool tops for the boys and some mixed pieces for the girls (sorry boys, no pants this season.... I got in too late. Bubble skirts anyone??)



We have lots of Aussie customers, from all over, which is brilliant!
We also have some International customers too! Yay!!
So I've made the Clothing category 'seasonal'. Now you can browse Winter Wear or Summer Wear..... no matter 'wear' you are!
Don't worry, there will still be 'clearance' or 'end of season' SALES for both sides of the world. Phew!



I know you are scratching your head here.... what is she on about? Regular shipping?
I have decided to start offering 'normal' post for purchases now. This means 3 to 5 days delivery (rather than the lightning overnight of Express Post) and some interesting packaging options!
I've been feeling a bit guilty about the plastic satchels I use for Express Post... you can not recycle them, so they're adding to land fill aren't they? So at least with regular post (through Australia Post), there will be a choice to re-use packaging. So that's why it's free this month!
I'll expect feedback from you too, as I still want to offer my amazing customers the best postage they can afford!


Cinti Does Vintage felted wool booties, handmade right here in Melbourne by Cintia, from reclaimed knit wear!
4 colours $30.00 a pair

Moon Monsters softies!
Local gal, Felicity (you may have seen her at Rose Street Market) takes a trip to the moon every so often and produces these adorable monsters. All are unique, made out of socks and have been named! (no more "what's his name?" "what should we call it?") Start from $15.00.
(Please note: we do have more travel buddy sized ones coming.... they were adopted at the time of writing.....)


For V.I.P.'s:

Just letting you know, if you are a VIP customer, that:
1. All points earned expire in 6 months now, not 12 months like they used to be. So you don't forget about them.......
2. Earn $1.00 for every product review you write at the shop!
Sign in, go to the product you want to write about (or a similar one if it's a one off item), go to the bottom of the product and click on the 'REVIEWS' button. Away you go!
Remember: a review helps everybody make more informed decisions about products.
And now you get paid for it too!
(Become a V.I.P. and be special too!)


LAST ONE......

The new look Weeride Center mounted BIKE SEAT is here!
New colour way and extra features too. Same price as the old one! Ride on.....

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