Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pink in Indonesia?

PINK: a colour mix of Red and White
In the Indonesian language there isn't a word for pink as such, instead because it 'stems' from the colour red, the words to describe the colour pink thus has the word for red (merah) in it. So pink in Indonesian is either "merah muda" or "merah susu" or "merah jambu" which translate into "light-red" or "milky-red" or "red jambu" -jambu being a tropical fruit found in Indonesia which has a deep pink, almost magenta colour to it, hence the closest natural colour of pink that people can relate to. (image above)
Nowadays however with almost everyone able to speak English, the work 'pink' has been adopted into the Indonesian language, and almost everyone would know what it means when we say 'pink'.

Thank you to Jacinta for this great contribution on what Pink means to her.

Image from here.

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