Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is... how I like to spend my weekend

Weekends for me is a time to do something different to what I've been doing all week!
Saturdays are usually a bit mixed up as Mr bpab is working during the morning. When the school holidays are happening, he doesn't work on Sat. so we always visit St Andrew's market.
Gives us our hippie back-to-our-roots balance, from being in the suburbs too long. Chai tea and lazing around on cushions does the trick.

Sundays are family day. We try to get outside and play with the kids, take them somewhere that blows their mind.... or at least expands it in some way!
Here are some oldish shots of us (being a family!) at Collingwood Children's farm.
Good value for all.

Gardening, markets, watching movies in the evenings, catching up with friends.... lately we've been playing scrabble and doing some renovating! So no strict rules to my weekends, except to spend it with my family.

Thanks to Bird Bath for this week's theme.
Wanna join in? This Is explained.....


Handmaiden said...

That looks like a lovely family weekend

Sasparilla Sue said...

looks like the kids had a blast with all the animals. sounds like a good weekend to me.