Monday, August 18, 2008


This week we're girling it up a notch! My 3 year old will be very pleased!


Looked up Wikipedia..... lots of pink ideas there!
Mainly associated with the female gender, pink was once a colour for boys! (and blue for girls)
Boys wore pink as it was a strong colour, being in the same family as red.

But why is pink naturally a little girls favourite colour?
Having first hand experience, my oldest girl loves pink, everything to do with the colour. If it comes in pink - it's hers!
There has been no influence to suggest she should like pink above all other colours. (Believe me, she has been exposed to all colours equally and none more than the other.....)
My youngest girl hasn't been able to experience much pink (as her older sis. has claimed it as her very own colour!) yet...... will she choose pink too? Maybe when she's older, she may secretly covet pink and sneak a bit of pink in here and there.... never letting her sister know in case it's snatched away from her!
Or maybe she won't care too much about pink and have a love affair with another colour. I hope so.

Would love your views, ideas on this sweet colour!
The shop is celebrating with all PINK things going at a special price..... not just in the SALE section either. Have fun!

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