Friday, August 1, 2008

August Newsletter

Hey there!
Welcome to August - the last month of Winter (in my part of the world anyway!).
We have been enjoying the cool weather this year.... surrendering to layers of clothing, hot chocolate drinks, even cooking outside in the chiminea (roast vegies and damper).
Spring is peeking her head up here and there, as blossoms start to appear, the sun shines a bit more frequently and we get the chance to play at the dewy wet play ground now and again. Lovely!
Anyway, time for some news etc...
Have a beautiful August,
Monica @ bpab

Pram Outings off to UK
Well, the talented girls that are Pram Outings are relocating themselves (and business) to England! We will still be stocking there beautifully quirky clothing and giant softies and supporting there venture whole heartedly. I'll be keeping in touch with Pascal and Kim so we will have new things in the future.


Monstar Kids Spring / Summer (sneak peek)

Some cool threads will be hitting the bpab virtual shelves in September....
Does anyone want to pre-order any items?
I won't be stocking the whole collection, so if you'd like to have a proper look at all the clothing on offer for summer, please email me and I will send you the pics. I'd need orders in quickly.
Aren't I nice?!



Poss Bloss (new brand)
I've been blogging about Jodie's stuff already, so to read more on Jodie the PVC queen.......
***Comp: buy something from the Poss Bloss range of creative mess (protective) gear this month and you may get your purchase for free! Yes, we'll refund the cost of your Poss Bloss purchase (not postage though). Only 1 lucky duck will win!


Still feeling a bit on the chilly side?
There are some hand knitted scarves and some limited edition beanies (that were once jumpers!) under the Made for bpab label.


Opinions on products mailing list
You may already be on the Opinion list and if so Thank You for your valuable input!
We are getting summer shoes in store sometime in August and at the moment we're deciding on a family organiser pack.

If you are not on THE list and want to have a say on potential products (plus special deals to do with them), email me with "I wanna say!" in the subject line. I'll then get back to you with more info. I'd really appreciate your help!!


Just for fun, I'm starting a COLOUR theme a week kinda thing!

Every Monday morning (better remember this!) I'll kick off a colour for the week.
I'll be exploring the colour through out the week AND the shop will celebrate the colour with SALE items of said colour too!

You can join in by leaving me comments (at the rainbow blog) on anything to do with the colour of the week or send me an email of photos / comments celebrating this colour.
Hope you find it fun and let me know your favourite colour when it comes up!!


You will be receiving an email from me in the coming months to find out if you want to be on the newsletter list and some other stuff too. It will be a long process, so I hope you don't mind when you get an out of the blue email that's not a newsletter.
Thanks for your support in all things related to bpab, it's lovely to know there are many beautiful people out there in this crazy world we live in!

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