Saturday, August 9, 2008

This is.... a work(s) in progress

(Doing mine now as I won't be around tomorrow to do it!)
I have a few works in progress.... it is how I work.... and I have no idea when they will finish themselves! Anyway, here are the beanies half done....

They're made out of old knitted jumpers and cardigans. They're all sewn up, just waiting for inspirational embellishments. Possibly next Winter.... unless someone sees one they MUST have!

These two have pockets on them. (Pockets are from the original jumper, I just cut around them.) They are waiting for their over locked hems..... where IS that over locker?!

Look what I found! It's going to be a cushion cover. Using different types of wool in a range of reds (when ever the half used balls of wool run out is when I change textures..... or I'd be knitting air wouldn't I? Or would I? Must try that next time.....). My plan is to do an orange one and a pink one too. That will probably take another couple of Winters!

Thanks to kept in a jar for this week's theme - you too can join THIS IS on Angela's Three Buttons blog!

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Annalisa Backlund said...

that cushion looks really nice. It always looks much better if you randomly let the wool run out. Make sure you post it when you're finished.