Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eye Spy.... an inspirational person in my life

There are lots of people who are in my immediate life that are very inspirational to me on a daily basis.... but every time I spend some catch up time with this gorgeous gal I always marvel at the things she achieves and how she lives her life is really something to aspire to. She motivates me to get off my bum and go for what I truly believe in. She has great dress sense, her own look, which is enough to make me want to look at myself and make an effort. She rides a motor bike and drives a classic, has traveled the world, excels in what ever she does - believing she can do anything. Yes, I'd say she's an inspirational person in my life...... lucky me!

(That's me at the back, breastfeeding La....)
Thank you Sally from Virtually Sally for this week's theme.
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1 comment:

Sally said...

What an awesome smile she has too!
I can see that being around someone with such a beautiful and upbeat energy would be very inspirational.